I'm a designer and entrepreneur living in Montreal.

I am passionate about design, cars, architecture, fashion, business and technology. I have a variety of skills including web and mobile design, brand identity and online marketing.



InnovWeb -

InnovWeb is a company I started back in 2012 which offers several IT services like web development, design and branding.

Strike & Sea -

Strike & Sea is a small brand which offers accessories like phone cases. I started this company because of my obsession in craftsmanship and design.

Brainer -

Brainer is a simple trivia quiz iOS app where users can win prizes for their knowledge. The app has been broadcasted on over 1,500 in-taxi advertising screens in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.


Retinad, Immoov, Vivo, Polyvalens, GoPools, Raised on Style Starvation, Les Chalets des Blés de mers, Demoro, Hashtads, Datacab, Yagi, Nanosphere and many more.


I’m always open to work on new projects or startups either for cash or equity. Have an idea in mind? Email me